Program: The Buzz Bumble Show

  • STYLE: 2D Animation
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • TARGET AGE: 6-12 yrs old
  • LENGTH: 52 x 11 min
  • STATUS: In Production

A crackbrained bee and his motley theatre troupe deliver performances unlike anything any kid has seen before! Buzz Bumble follows the misadventures of a ‘’not too smart” performing bee named Buzz Bumble and his troupe of bee grade actors as they attempt to perform a comedy musical variety show. Set in a rundown theatre, there's as much drama backstage as onstage as the troupe does whatever it takes to get the show on. And whatever was in the script just goes out the window and down the street. These guys are totally winging it and the bug audience is loving every minute of it ! Think High School Musical except not that, and with bugs... and leeches... and a dog... and a penguin... Cunningly concealed behind edgy, irreverent comedy and slapstick will be real world issues that are relevant to kids.Stuff like self confidence, acceptance, sharing and team work will be stealthily integrated into idiotic episodes about space adventures, ghost stories and invisible ice cream. It's fairly unlikely that Buzz Bumble's show will cover stuff like neutrinos, Pereto's Prinicipal, Parallactic displacement etc.

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