Criya, Australia is emerging as a true global player in the realm of content creation, animation / and film based special effects, and is seeking international production and co-production opportunities. Criya Australia is focused on the art of storytelling, and is supported by a large group of artists and technicians who are professionally trained, creatively inspired, and using state- of-the art technology.

We have fully equipped studio facilities in Chennai, India, and Production offices in Sydney, Australia.

We are currently looking for co-production partners and opportunities. Our investment comprises of cash investment and services. Our business strategy allows us to invest in and work on concurrent productions. In our many years of experience we have developed strong connections with Producers, Directors, Music Composers and artists around the world. And, by establishing our main studio in India, we are able to maintain production budgets when compared to our counterparts.

We have established strong relationships with many independent producers and production houses around the world.

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